Flash Back Fridays!

Hey everyone. Good to see you're all still here. Sorry I haven't been feeding you a weekly dose of religious news, info and my attempts what was has been called "humor". Time to get back on track! Well, here we are on Friday. We all know what that means.  Here's some cool nostalgia just for you.

1. One of the coolest sci-fi flicks of the 80's.

2. Speaking of cool 80's flicks, here's something I have been listening to on my iPod as of late. Here's the very cool song "The Heat is On" from the also very cool movie "Beverly Hills Cop":

3. And while this isn't from the 80's, it's something that has already become pop culture goodness.Colin Hay (Singer of Men At Work) visits the set of Scrubs to play a pretty awesome 80's song.

Thanks again, and look forward to some more blogging on my behalf. I've got: Interviews, book and movie reviews, apologetics, some big announcements, and more YouTube clips. Thanks again, and God bless you-now go tell all your friends to visit.