Movie Review: Iron Man

From A movie that was too bulky, to a movie that left you wanting more, Iron Man is a great watch. Not just visually, but story wise. It resonates with so many because we like real heroes. Tony Stark is a corporate and scientific genius. He's an arms manufacturer who gets caught by the other side-and with his own weapons. Forced to defend himself, (you'll see how) he escapes and begins anew with a new kind of weapon.
I loved this movie. It wasn't just a sci-fi/comic bood adaptation, it truly was an unruly, yet fascinating character study in the life of a man who fights against injustice and for peace. Yet he does with with the very force he now hates. Perhaps, he wants to atone for the misuse of his weapons.
But this isn't some somber Peter Parker. This is Tony Stark. He's going to fight crime with flair and style. It doesn't hurt that he has Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow (who studied her husband's Chris Martin's comics to get ready) and Terrence Howard rounding out the cast.
The movie also resonates with me and other's because the main villains are Middle Eastern terrorists and an evil corporate CEO. But Robert Downey Junior also makes this character alive because he himself has had to go through changes in his life that mirror that of Tony Stark. Go see this movie, it's fun and well done. I give it an A.

Movie Review: Speed Racer

At the outset, I have to say I never saw the show as a kid. Though I did see the updated show from the 90's. But from what I did see, I thought this movie was visually stunning. And nothing more. If you're a 12 year old boy who likes cool graphics (and which one's don't?) and high speed racing, then you got a movie for them. If you like a long bulky story, here's your film. For a movie called "Speed Racer" it takes a long time to get to the end. But, it does do it with style.
Speed Racer is a hot shot car racer who is about to make it big. Until He's given the opportunity to be sponsored by a corporate sponsor. His refusal causes him to have to defy his father and trust Racer X as they try to stop illegal racing activities. Unfortunately, that takes a whole lot of unecesary movie to happen. And to add to it, this is a kids movie. Yet it played with a little pg-13 humor. That might work for Shrek, but it didn't translate well with a live action (computer animated) film. This is one case of giving the artists too much freedom. I have to admit, I think I now know why some constraints can cause good art to happen. If they even think about making a sequel, they would do well to either a) make this age appropriate b) make it age appropriate for older people (like those who watched the show!)


A Special Honor

The good people at Worshipmatters.com had a contest a few weeks ago asking people why worship matters. They liked my response and I will be receiving a copy of Bob Kauflin's book as a prize and I will be reviewing it as soon as I get it. Many thanks to the Kauflin's. Here is the description of the book and people who gave an endorsement. Kauflin is one of the worhsip leaders at Sovereign Grace.

-Combining biblical foundations with real-world application, a pastor and professional songwriter guides worship leaders and pastors to root their corporate worship in unchanging scriptural principles rather than divisive trends.

Nothing is more essential than knowing how to worship the God who created us. This book focuses readers on the essentials of God-honoring worship, combining biblical foundations with practical application in a way that works in the real world. The author, a pastor and noted songwriter, skillfully instructs pastors, musicians, and church leaders so that they can root their congregational worship in unchanging scriptural principles, not divisive cultural trends. Bob Kauflin covers a variety of topics such as the devastating effects of worshiping the wrong things, how to base our worship on God’s self-revelation rather than our assumptions, the fuel of worship, the community of worship, and the ways that eternity’s worship should affect our earthly worship.

Appropriate for Christians from varied backgrounds and for various denominations, this book will bring a vital perspective to what readers think they understand about praising God.

“Bob loves God, values theology, and cares about people. This mix is found throughout this wonderful and helpful book. Worship Matters will inspire you as a worshiper and spur you on as a leader of worship.”
Matt Redman, lead worshiper and song-writer, Brighton, UK

“Bob Kauflin is teaching a new generation to take corporate worship seriously in a fashion that is simultaneously biblically faithful and addressing today’s culture.”
D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“This book is thoroughly biblical, comprehensive, balanced, clear, and engaging. Worship leaders must read it, and it will be a great help to anyone interested in finding out what biblical worship is about and how to worship from the heart.”
John Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary

“Bob’s approach is humble, yet authoritative; comprehensive, yet inspirational. And if you take his gentle but clear teaching onboard, it will help make you fully equipped in mind, heart, and spirit to lead others in worship. I wholeheartedly recommend it.”
Stuart Townend, Christian song-writer

“An outstanding book both for those who lead worship and also for every Christian who wants to worship God more fully. The book is biblical, practical, interesting, wise, and thorough in its treatment of the topic. The next time I teach on worship, I plan to make this the required text.”
Wayne Grudem, Research Professor of Bible and Theology, Phoenix Seminary

“Humility. Self-deprecating humor. Practical wisdom. And not just for music leaders. What a refreshing read! I’ve gained from Bob Kauflin, and if you read this, you will too.”
Mark Dever, Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church; Executive Director, 9Marks Ministries

“Bob is a pastor, a teacher, and a skilled musician. And this book captures his heart, his zealous pursuit of God, and his many years of real-life experience leading worship. That’s why his book deserves the careful study of pastors and worship leaders alike.”
Joshua Harris, Senior Pastor, Covenant Life Church, Gaithersburg, Maryland


Book News: Barnes and Borders?

Barnes and Noble

I love books and have always prided myself on being able to find a good deal on books and book paraphernalia. So when I read that Barnes and Noble is considering purchasing Borders, I think, "how bad is the economy is when books are now being affected?". Though I have to add that I was reading that on average most Americans spend 1% of their budget on books and reading material. More so, I'm worried that if this were to happen, would Borders take on more of B & N's policies? I hope not, Borders allows you to return books way after B&N's 30 day limit-with receipt. (Way longer-ask me about what I mean) Well, if I hear any more about this I'll let you know.

I'm back!

And I can add College Graduate to my list of accomplishments. Though at this junction of my life, it seems less of an accomplishment than it did a few years ago. Now it seems like something I had to do or I would be missing out on something. Though I am glad nonetheless. I guess the future is closer than it once was. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more writing done in the future. Thanks again and God bless my friends.

A few things:
I'm going to be writing about a few things like the Bible, more book reviews and responding to a friend of mine on the Bible. But I also want to explore with more essay writing. Finally, I hope to have some pics up of a few recent events. My birthday and graduation.