Movie Review: Iron Man

From A movie that was too bulky, to a movie that left you wanting more, Iron Man is a great watch. Not just visually, but story wise. It resonates with so many because we like real heroes. Tony Stark is a corporate and scientific genius. He's an arms manufacturer who gets caught by the other side-and with his own weapons. Forced to defend himself, (you'll see how) he escapes and begins anew with a new kind of weapon.
I loved this movie. It wasn't just a sci-fi/comic bood adaptation, it truly was an unruly, yet fascinating character study in the life of a man who fights against injustice and for peace. Yet he does with with the very force he now hates. Perhaps, he wants to atone for the misuse of his weapons.
But this isn't some somber Peter Parker. This is Tony Stark. He's going to fight crime with flair and style. It doesn't hurt that he has Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow (who studied her husband's Chris Martin's comics to get ready) and Terrence Howard rounding out the cast.
The movie also resonates with me and other's because the main villains are Middle Eastern terrorists and an evil corporate CEO. But Robert Downey Junior also makes this character alive because he himself has had to go through changes in his life that mirror that of Tony Stark. Go see this movie, it's fun and well done. I give it an A.

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