Death to Barbie! or, God for Postmoderns

Greg Johnson put up some articles a few years ago on reaching the new generation of younger people. Surprisingly enough, it's called: Why God is Selfish- a.k.a. theology slays barbie religion. Read it and think. Here's the intro:
"Greg, I understand everything you're saying, except that your God is a self-centered and egotistical God on a cosmic ego trip who uses people." I've heard that question many times. When you teach Christian truth to challenge postmodernism's stranglehold on our churches and culture, you'll hear the question stated in one form or another. Why is God selfish?

I'm also frequently asked another question. It goes like this: "Greg, why wouldn't God want me to have ________?" Fill in the blank. The perfect house. The perfect job. The perfect kids. The perfect husband. The perfect wife. The perfect car. The perfect health. It's a common question in our culture. I call it Barbie Religion.

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