The Manhattan Declaration -Your Thoughts

For those of you following current theological urrents, last week the Manhattan Declaration was announced along with a great deal of well known signatories. Included amongst them are people as diverse as Al Mohler and Peter Kreeft. In short, it deals with:

  1. the sanctity of human life
  2. the dignity of marriage as the conjugal union of husband and wife
  3. the rights of conscience and religious liberty. 
In today's culture, these are the very things that have come under attack (broadly speaking). So before I delve into what things are covered, I'd like your opinion: What did you think? Would you sign it? Why or Why Not?

To get your thinking going, here is a link from APPRAISING. It has a few questions about the contenet of the declaration.

And a link to Al Mohler's reasons for signing the Declaration.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know. I haven't read it. It sounds good on the outset, but so many people seem to have a problem with it. I don't know if those things are relevant or not. I probably wouldn't sign it because I'm too lazy to read it lol.