What was biggest Controversy of 09?

As I was looking at my google reader this week, I though I would look up the word "controversy". All I can say is we Reformed folk like to argue! The usuals like Mark Driscoll and Rick Warren keep showing up (deservedly or not). A few names I almost forgot showed up as well. Tim Challies and John Frame for instance. So, wht do you think were the biggest controversies of the year? What do you think we didn't argue enough about? What should have never been an issue? Let me know. I will have my list up in the next few days.


  1. I try to run the other way when arguments arise. Usually a waste of time. Yet, I'm often facing backwards while running, for curiosity's sake.

  2. Todd Bentley would be considered definitely a controversy... but he was more in 2008, wasn't he?

    Ed Young's 7 Day Sex Challenge comes to mind as being fairly controversial... as well as the plethora of other sex challenges brought on by many churches in Feb '09.

    Zondervan's discontinuing of the TNIV may not be so controversial (though the TNIV is a topic of controversy)... but the announced updating of the NIV may prove to be as we inch closer to the 2011 release date.

    Stumbled across your blog, and from what I've seen, good stuff! :-)