Missional Street Preaching????

Yesterday, over at the Reformissionary Blog, Steve McCoy wrote what Joe Thorn is calling "the most important post of the year". I came across it early on and thought it would be another cool blog post from a great missional reformed blog. I was certainly surprised when I read it. Was it about some new ministry method? A new Reformed book? Another (sigh) Reformed controversy? No. He's calling those of us in the Young Reformed Camp to return to our great heritage of street preaching.

Street Preaching. That is the new cutting edge idea he is advocating. I'm sure we've all seen street preachers screaming at local shopping centers or colleges that the people are sinners who are going to hell.

This is him on a good day

Heck, I've cringed at the sight of well meaning people screaming like maniacs on street corners. But Steve asks a very good question:
What if evangelicals hit America with 200, or 500, or 1,000 theologically strong, gospel-centered pastors who start preaching in open-air and public places in their cities, beyond their Sunday morning worship services, at least once a week for the rest of 2011? What would happen? 
These guys know something about street preaching

 Let that question hit you for a moment. Our movement is made up of some godly, theologically informed people. Image if more of us went out there to preach the good news? McCoy outlines ten things that might happen. Among them are a raised awareness of the gospel, and outreach to people who wouldn't normally enter your church walls.  It might shock a lot of us in the camp to know that the people we look up to (Spurgeon, Whitfield, Edwards, Van Til!) were also street preachers. Since yesterday, Steve has updated his blog with some information a few of us shared with him, and I encourage you to take a look and join the conversation. I'll try and post some of that as I can. Please visit the conversation going on at the Reformissionary blog.   Please pray and see if this is a ministry area that God is leading you into.

I should add, this may not be a ministry for everyone. But I do think there are a lot of us that might be able to use this ministry tool. I"ll try and post my findings in the days to come. 

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