Movie Review: Cross-Contamination!!!

Finally!! I get to review a movie for you guys. Interestingly, the movie is already out on DVD and you never heard of it, but it was a good watch, and I laughed a lot. The movie is called "Cross Contamination". I've included the trailer from youtube, and yep, it was that crazy and more. What is it about? Think your crazy youth group, meets a lot of post-modern "ministry" meets "This is Spinal Tap" and you get this movie. It's about an uber-spiriitual youth group as it begins it's new band and the ups and downs they experience. There's the cool band leader, the excited sound guy, the rockabilly haired lead singer, the confused british missionary and Jehovah Giant (he's from the ghetto in Beaverton Oregon-two blocks long!) Along the way we get to see how not to do church, as well as the apathy that can result when you are so focused on the wrong things. Seeing that this was recorded at my school and with school equipment, it was actually very palatable, even if the first act took place in the same location. The movie will definitely piss off traditional churches, relevant churches, emerging churches etc... Then again, I strive for that every day. However, we should learn to be critical of ourselves (yep that includes you!) and have a sense of humor as well. Have fun!

You can order a copy or borrow the one I'm going to buy. A few of my classmates are in the film. By the way, the scene about Jesus looking through Odin's beard is priceless!

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  1. THIS IS FUNNY! Frank, I got to see the whole thing now. I was laughing. Give them a high-five for me!