Rob Bell is really annoying!

THe good people at symphonyofscripture.com (link above) have posted this cool video.I'm glad for the guy who preached this message. Australians are cool! Mr. Bell in his latest Nooma video puts man where God needs to be. I'm glad this pastor isn't afraid of standing up for the truth. By the way, I like the way his stage is dressed. See, you can be stylish and steadfast for truth!


  1. Frank - Good find. Apparently, a shaky camera, laid back attitude, bad theology are the qualifications for a cool pastor.

    I'll pass, I like the one I have who tells it like it is, straight from scripture and no holding back. A pastor who fears GOD and handles HIS word carefully is a real pastor and that is really what we should desire and be thankful for.

    The Aussie teacher did a great job. Great point about the disciples did go straight from the ascension and preach the gospel, they had to go and wait for the HOLY SPIRIT. Excellent.

  2. Sorry my error- The disciples did "not" go straight from the ascension......