An amazing organization I've come across (link above)

Ok people, imagine if myspace were a place where you could help people from around the world? Impossible? No, Kiva.org is such a place. It is a microfinancer. Basically they give people small loans in the amount of 25 to 1,500 dollars. More so, YOU the average Joe dogooder can do the giving. In essence, every person has a page who you visit, and if you want to join in to help them, you can give them $25 towards their dream. Yes, even people in Iraq are being helped. Wouldn't it be nice to send these people a message: we want to help you, not blow you up! If you want to do take a look go to KIVA.org. The founder is featured in smithsonians 37 under 36. People who are making a difference. He seems to be a decent guy with a Christian Background. And it's cool to see that average people can really do something. Who wants to join me in sending $25 to Iraq?



  1. Frank,
    My email is jake.kauffman@geneva.edu and as far as websites go, I have a Xanga (www.xanga.com/jammasterjake88) and I write stuff on www.nickbloom.com. Thanks for the comment; I like what you're doing here, too.


  2. Frank, you need to get blogging again. Dump your priorities. You have readers that don't care what you have going on in your life. Set aside all responsibility and blog for us! Now!

    Seriously, I'm really proud of you Frank. I'm glad to see that you're graduating (Lord willing). Also, still seriously, you need to blog.