Movie Reviews: "I Am Legend" and "Juno"

I Am Legend

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Will Smith can carry a movie. He does an amazing job at being scientist trying to make things right. The story beings with the traggic events having already begun. Over the course of the movie, you get the story bit by bit and find out what really happened. Smith does a great job just by himself and a dog. It's full of action, suspense, great special effects, and a chilling story line. Go see it!

For those of you who live in the Inland Empire, Lamelles theater in Claremont is a great place to see independent films. You can also go to Waui Waui's coffee shop or to one of the two wine stores afterwards.
Having said that, Juno was the small film that was playing recently. It tells the story of a young lady (about 16?) who gets pregnant and tries to decide what to do. Ellen Page does a great job as the quirky, gawky smart mouthed teen Juno. Think Napoleon Dynamite with edge. The music was also great. Very indie/folkie sounding. More so, the dialogue was snappy, funny and totally made this moivie. I wondered how the issue of abortion would be approached. Keep in mind that a sex blogger (Diablo Cody) wrote the story and it was directed by Jason Reitman (director of Thank You for Smoking). It was approached somewhat matter of factly and with a sense of humor. We see Juno deal with being pregnant and her decision to have the Baby and give him up for adoption to a unique couple.
I did feel that teen pregnancy was dealt with too easily. We didn't see what most pregnant women go through over the course of the year. Also, the consequences were dealt with too easily, it seemed like it was something you do in a weekend and never think about again. However, the responsability Juno displayed definitely redeems this movie. Though it's sad that the guys role in the pregnancy is downplayed. I think this has to do with the male non-invlovement stereotype. Overall, great film and you should take your older daughters to see it. It is for peple 15 and over.

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