Death of Greek Archbishop

When it rains it pours! Just as it was announced that the Mormon President died, news of the death of the Greek Archbishop has come down the grapevine. He was being treated for cancer. What does the Greek Orthodox church really believe? The newest book from Robert Morey answers just that. It's called "Is Eastern Orthodoxy Christian?" You can see a review at biblicalthought.com It will blow you away. Lest people think I'm trying to be mean at the death of a religious figure, I want you to know that I use this page for the discussion of religious news and ideas. My prayers are with the families of both the Mormon president and the archbishop. However, I make it known to all that I use this page to advance the true biblical gospel. It is unfortunately not found in Mormonism, and while there may be saved people in the Orthodox church, their gospel is severely distorted. Because peoples souls are at stake, I present videos, books, and web sites to get them to think about the true gospel of Jesus Christ and the ways man has used religion to distort it.

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  1. Hi Frank.

    Thanks for your post.

    I was wondering what your understanding of the gospel according to Orthodoxy is.

    I've been reading a helpful Orthodox book called, "Are You Saved" by Barbara Pappas.


    You may also enjoy a Reformed perspective on the question of Orthodoxy.


    The Lord bless you.