On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Pro-Life has a great section dealing with pro-life messages in the media. Indeed I wanted to think a little about that. In the last year movies dealing with issues of pregnancy have been in the spotlight. What makes it interesting is that they have been positive messages of life. For instance, Kerri Russel's last two movies, "Waitress" and "August Rush", we're both movies about unexpected pregnancies where abortion was not an option. The faith themed "Bella" won much acclaim and awards (and was robbed an Oscar nomination) and it too dealt with a pregnant woman's decision to have her child. The much acclaimed hit (see review below) "Juno" did a great service to the cause of life by showing that abortion is not the only option women have.

Having said that what does all this mean? It means that maybe, abortion does poor at the box office. But more so, maybe the pro-life message is making ground. Small steps none the less. I placed a picture of a developed fetus. Pictures seem to speak louder than words these days. But, what can I say in favor of the pro-life cause? Well, the moment the sperm and egg combine, they create a new life. Inside the womans womb is a new DNA, and it's growing. Imagine for amoment we could put it in the womb of a cow. Is it a cow fetus of a human fetus growing in the womb? This isn't a wart, or a pimple or a booger. What's growing will one day love, and cry, and sing and fall in love and have faith. It's not just "some" tissue that's growing. Having said that here are a few websites and video to get you thinking about ways to speak about abortion:

carm.org-there's a great section on abortion. It's very compassionate to the mother to be
http://www.justthefacts.org/clar.asp This site is visually appealling.

As we think about where our country is culturally, let's make sure we all have a hand in making it a culture of life and not death.

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