Oscar nominations...my thoughts....

Because I care about your cultural consumption, I wanted to give my two cents about who should have been nominated for an Oscar and films to look out for.
First off, It's true, sci-fi/fantasy and comedy movies get the short end of the stick...sometimes. As you may have read, I loved "Juno" and am glad it got a nomination. Jason Reitman (the director) may have gotten the nod, but may not win. Like I said, comedies get the short end of the stick!"300" got robbed a best adapted screenplay nod. If you read the original graphic novel, and compare it to the movie, it's almost 95% the same thing. The only things that were added were scenes consistent to the film and that added to what was already happening.
"Sunshine" was a great sci-fi movie, that I hope wins other awards, that was snubbed. It deserved a nomination for original screenplay and for its visual effects. A lot of people say "Zodiac" and "3:10 To Yuma" deserved a nod. A friend of mine was really creaped out by "Zodiac". Of course, a few wholesome movies got nominations. "Ratatouille" will probably win best animated film. It was better than most live action films this year. "Once" received a nomination for best original song, but I also believe it deserved one for best foreign film. If "The Full Monty" won a few years back, this one deserves it all the more.
If you think I missed something, or just want to add something to the list, feel free to send me your thoughts. I must still say that last year the winner was clearly "Little Miss Sunshine".

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  1. You saw Once? It was fantastic, and it was responsible for giving a soundtrack to the period of time when I proposed to my now fiancee!