Podcasts worth your time

If any of you have an iPod (and who doesn't?) I wanted to share with you some of the podcast's that I've been listening to and that I think would be worth your time.

The Dividing Line

James White of Alpha and Omega ministries not only debates, teaches and writes, but he also hosts a podcast twice a week where he deals with apologetics issues, as well as cultural issues. He's a walking encyclopedia on Mormonism, Islam and bad theology in general.

Theology Unplugged

For many of you who use The Theology Program, Michael Patton is no stranger to you. He's the creator of Credo House, Parchment and Pen Blog, and The Theology Program. Well, few people know the man also podcasts along side people like Sam Storms. Tackling a host of theological issues, this is a podcast that is worth your time.

Fighting for the Faith

Mention the phrase "Pirate Christian" and if you've been on-line for a while you'll think of Chris Roseburough. The man is the founder of Pirate Christian Radio. Mainly Lutheran programming (not that there's anything wrong with that) his show is the main course. He offers what he calls "a daily dose of biblical discernment". I have to admit that his podcast is the longest on here (it runs for almost two hours DAILY) but the man gives you a little bit of everything. From apologetics and news, to sermon reviews, it's more Lutheran fun than an episode of Davey and Golitah!

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