Martin Bashir Questions Rob Bell, Pulls No Punches

As many of you know, Rob Bell's new book is finally out and making all waves amongst evangelicals. I'll have my own review this week, but I wanted to share a recent interview Martin Bashir (MSNBC) had with Bell. It seems that Bell's "question everything" approach doesn't help him answer many questions. Very poignant, was Bashir's question about which church father to quote from. Origen is a univeraslist (whom Bell apparently promotes) while Arius denied Christ's divinity. Why pick one and not the other? And that is the heart of the issue. People have serious questions about the here and now, as well as the afterlife. To leave things vague and fuzzy (while ignoring the clear teaching of the Word of God) is akin to spiritual malpractice.

As one of the youtube commenters says,"How does a secular journalist grasp the clarity of Rob Bell's error better than most of the evangelical community?"

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