Johnny Depp as the Riddler? So says Michael Cain....

For those of you who liked "Dark Knight" you'll be happy to know that Michael Cain may have revealed something about the next movie: Johnny Depp and Phillip Seymour Hoffman will be the Riddler and The Penguin. It this is true, this is great! I can't wait to see how they'll make this happen. You can go HERE to read all about it. By the way, enjoy the concept poster art. I like the newspaper one myself. It looks very real .


  1. Dude that would be splashing AWESOME!!! The Riddler is my most favorite Batman villian. Johnny Depp would be perfect, esp with the outfit shown in the poster. I can't imagine him in ?-splattered spandex.

    Although, shall one believe it's true? Weren't they talking about the penguin for the last movie and that didn't happen? Plus, if it's not until 2011, would they really have a specific opening day? The posters, while good, remind me of fanmade posters usually for contests. I'll believe it when i hear it from WB. Because who the heck is Michael Cain? I thought he was just an actor. Isn't he Batman from WB's Batman? ::googles:: Oh haha i was way off. Hm, close to credible but still not a top dog.

  2. Wishful Thinking?

    You know, people say things. I remember before Superman Returns was announced, it was said that a new Superman movie coming out with Christian Bale as the title character.

    I tried to put it out that Jessica and Ashlee Simpson were going to be the Delacour sisters in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire...it was brilliant.

  3. Apparently Hoffman denies this however.


  4. It's pure speculation. Micheal Caine actually picked up the rumor from a newspaper. He's no more in the know than any of us right now. Nolan and Co. haven't written the script or anything yet.

    As for the posters, they are fan made. I wouldn't want the Riddler to to use the same cut newspaper style they used for the Joker. If anything, the Riddler should be the Joker's polar opposite.

    Maybe he can be the one to exploit the technolgy Batman developed at the end Dark Knight. In this way he would thematically reflect one of Batman's possible moral compromises that he made in the flick.(END SPOILER)

    It would be way interesting if somehow Riddler leads Batman through a technological gauntlet of danger and mystery!!!

    That's gotta be the way Riddler is done otherwise he ends up being a wanna be Joker. He's gotta be as smart or smarter than Batman, He shouldn't be lethal, and He should give some mind-bending subtle riddles.

    As for the Penguin, well Phillip Seymour Hoffman already played him in Mission Impossible 3. If he just took that performance a smidge over the top(in terms of snobbishness not campiness)... you got your Penguin.