Martin Luther "The Devil can kiss my @$$"

In light of the fact that Mark Driscoll will be preaching at the Desiring God conference on harsh language (the theme is the power of words and the wonder of God) the good people at Contend Earnestly found some pretty interesting quotes by Martin Luther. Among them are:
Luther advised people to "tell the Devil to kiss my ____"

He repeatedly said that if the Pope should send him a command to appear before him: "I shall _____ upon his summons"

He said that the monks are "the lice placed by the devil on God Almighty's fur coat"

When trying to explain how far God is or is not the author of evil, he says: 'Semei wished to curse, and God immediately directed his curse against David. God says, "Curse him not and no one else." Just as if a man wishes to relieve himself I cannot prevent him, but should he wish to do so on the table here, then I should object and tell him to betake himself to the corner.'"

My all time favorite is his response to Rome about their use of Aristotle's thoughts on reason. Luther exclaimed, "Reason is a whore."

He also mentioned, "When I (the Pope-a--) bray, hee-haw, hee-haw, or relieve myself in the way of nature, they must take it all as articles of faith, i.e. Catholics."

His defense?
What think you of Paul? Was he abusive when he termed the enemies of the gospel dogs and seducers? Paul who, in the thirteenth chapter of the Acts, inveighs against a false prophet in this manner: "Oh, full of subtlety and all malice, thou child of the devil, thou enemy of all righteousness." I pray you, good Spalatin, read me this riddle. A mind conscious of truth cannot always endure the obstinate and willfully blind enemies of truth. I see that all persons demand of me moderation, and especially those of my adversaries, who least exhibit it. If I am too warm, I am at least open and frank; in which respect I excel those who always smile, but murder.

You can go to Contend Earnestly to get their take on it. It's pretty good stuff. I might add that here is Mark Driscoll being interviewed on harsh language for the Upcoming Desiring God conference. ( I wish I could go!)

And John Piper on the subject as well.

Where do I stand? I agree with them. There is a way to go too far, and there is this spirit of not going far enough. So, to give an answer: Do I believe in hell? Hell Yeah!!!!

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  1. I can't figure out what the blank is in the second one.

    Don't you think that to use hell and damn out of context lessens the effect? Those are powerful words but people use them as little adjectives.