This is a new forum. I've been thinking about it as of late. I wanted to put down thoughts that have been on my mind as well as things I've overheard. I had some real gems a week ago. I should have written them down because I don't think I remembered them all! Anyway here we go:

-Frank's totally an outside-the-box person, for someone who's never been in the box-a former boss of mine (not sure if that was a compliment of an insult).
-You need to minister somewhere close to where you live. You can't impact a community if you live far away-many people especially Glenn Leatherman.
-I've heard brides say,"I take you to be my wife". From Dr. Bob backstage before Nathan's wedding (Beckster's husband).
-I don't think this word means what you think it means-Quoted from Princess Bride by Lorikate on her blog.
-He has an advanced computer: it can read your mind-same former boss talking about the G5
-Your people will be my people, I will go where you will go and where you die I will die-Becky and Nate's wedding vows (a snippet-they were long!!!) They were quoting the book of Ruth. Cool!
-The left only wants to embarrass not teach-Dennis Prager on Gov. Palin's interview with Charles Gibson. (I agree he was there to embarrass her, not to really dialoge-see previous post)
-Vote for Prop. 8 in California and defend marriage.
-E.J. Young, Gleason Archer, Meredith Kline and John C Collins (of Covenant Seminary) are 4 Reformed OT scholars who have differing views of the Days of Genesis. Collins has a new book out about that that I'm interested in. Just throwing it out there.

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