Flashback Friday's: Tuesday morning edition

Yeah I was sick to sorry about that folks. HEre are some gems.
Why I hate religion-Mark Driscoll

The Shack-Why Mark Driscoll hates it and you should too.

American Idolatry-Mark has a few things to say about it from a missions perspective. (I think)


  1. Driscoll's diatribe on not making a graven image in the clip about The Shack really lowered my respect for him. His position just doesn't really sound well thought out and there's no contextual interpretation on his part concerning those passages. He basically outlaws literary personfication with pseudo-biblical interpretation.

    The goddess bit...a little more palatable.

  2. I'm not going to jump on him too hard. Matt Slick of Carm.org interviewed the author on his show and the author apparently sees similar problems. You can read his review here
    I would be very wary of someone who wants to make God look like a woman. And yeah, he too has troubles with how the Trinity is portrayed.

  3. Well, I'm thinking in literary terms. If one merely intends to emphasize what we commonly conceive of as motherly traits, one may be able to speak in that manner. There's no "rule" against this but, of course, we must exercise caution.