Please pray for the Christians of Iraq

Ok, if you haven't been watching the news, thousands of Christians in Iraq have had to flee their homes. The reason being that many of them are being killed. It really moved me to bring this issue up. I emailed an organization called Christians of Iraq. Here is what they have to say

The situation of the Christians of Iraq has been gone from bad to worst because the central Iraqi government has done nothing to stop the violence against them, as if Iraqi ruler don't mind that Christians of their country are persecuted and driven out of their homeland. Some reports indicate thathttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif the Iraqi security forces are involved in terrorizing the Christians. The only solution would be for the Bush administration and the UN to pressure the Iraqi government to protect its Christian citizens which so far it has failed to do .. Please read the latest articles about this subject. at and http://www.christiansofiraq.com

People who wish to help have to promptly call the white house and their members of congress to ask them put pressure on the Iraqi government to stop the terror against its Christian citizens. The villages weher the Mosul's refugees have taken shelter in are in dire need of assistance.
The Red Cross and Red Crescent have been notified but no assistance from these organizations has come yet.

Please, call, email, write, your local congressmen today and ask them to make sure our soldiers are helping in the area. Speak up for these people. They are a minority and thus have us to call on. Please pray as I get the word out. here are a few websites
Find your local congressman or woman and call them now

To donate and get more info from an organization that deals with this please go to

OK Heres what I also want you to do: I want at least a couple hundred of you to go to

and TELL THEM TO GET INTO THIS AREA. If they need money, give it. You can spare 5 bucks. Every little bit counts.

Pray you guys.


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