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So, why did I create the New Reformation Network?Because I wanted to give young reformed people a place to meet, share ideas and think together. Here's my first post from the New Reformation Blog

You know there's something going on. There is a young reformed awakening. We feel it in our churches when we hear yet another watered down syrupy feel good sermon that does injustice to God's word. We see it on TV when we hear that kind of message being passed off as Gospel. We read it in books written by people who are afraid to proclaim God's word. We know there's more. Way more.

So why this place? Because I believe that all across the country and around the world there are people like us. We have ideas, we have talent, and we want to do something about it. This is far from trying to emulate Emergent Village. This is about getting together to live out our faith in a biblical practical way.

I hope this place is a little messy. I see it as part think tank, part collective (I almost named is Reformed Collection) theological co-op, network, commune, and above all a place for fellowship and for sharing the vision God has given each of us.

I invite all thinkers, writers, artists, pastors, leaders, young, old, activists, layman and women, and anyone who just wants to see this reformed awakening to spread to the sleeping church of the US. Here is place to discuss ideas, share vision, talk about books and movies and mobilize to act. I live in Southern California and I believe that there is young Calvinist movement going on down here that needs to be given a voice. Well, here is where you can speak your mind.

So what are you waiting for? join already and invite your friends. If you have bible studies, events, songs, videos, thoughts, or things you want to blog about get on here and share it. This blog is open to you guys.

Semper Reformada!

Visit the Network, let me know what you think, and join! Get involved, write, put up songs, socialize, etc... Just do it!

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  1. Ok, you convinced me. I'll join, if you'll have me which I'm guessing you will since you invited me to. I'm on the fringes here so I wasn't sure if your site wanted to only have a very narrow brand of Reformed Christianity in there who don't look kindly on those who want to propose ideas or disagree on certain issues (like some other sites). Sounds good man.