Misconception #1: Johnny Be Good!

I'm starting a new series here on the blog. I have seen that people basically are religiously illiterate when it comes to the Christian faith. So in the spirit of Dan Phillip's Next/Dodge series (worth looking at!), I'm going to try and give short answers to questions or concerns people have about the faith. Be warned, I hope if you're in the faith, it will make you think about your own positions as well. Here we go: 

1. Christianity is just about being good right? 

Got this one while reading an interview Relevant magazine did with the Kings of Leon. Talking about their strict religious upbringing, one of them said that they may not go to church anymore, but he at least tries to be grateful and good. Good habits to have, but as we read the Bible, they don't equal a relationship with God. Just because I'm a good person doesn't mean I can marry whomever I want. They have to want to know me too! Being a Christian involves a new kind of lifestyle, but being good doesn't make you a Christian! It's something God does in you. That's why it's called being born again. We will never be good enough for God. He has to give us new life.Don't believe me? Compare yourself to his basic law: The 10 Commandments. Ever lie about someone? Steal anything? Always loved God and had him first in your life? Hmmmm, silence is golden. We will always fail. He offers us forgiveness in Jesus today.. And it can't be earned, and he won't be impressed by your good deeds. For as Romans 3:23 says, "all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God". Even if you're good and grateful, you're not even close to knowing God unless you know his Son.

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