Movie Reviews: Stak Trek

I can't think of the last really good sci-fi movie I got to see. After a long wait, I can finally say Star Trek is that film. A trekkie for years, I had hoped that the film would live up to the hype. With uber-geek J.J. Abrams (creator of Lost, Alias and yes Felicity) Trek has returned. Using time travel to show us younger versions of the characters we are familiar with, we see a new take on the Trek mythos. Kirk, Spock and the rest are fresh faced officers on their first real mission. From the beginning we know what this story is going to be about: time travel (Trek has some great time travel stories). And it's used effectively as it bridges the Trek world we all know (memory alpha for you geeks out there) and takes us to a new world (memory beta?) where our characters will have new challenges. With visually stunning space battles, creative costumes and the occasional green woman., the film is always grabbing your attention. A fast ship, a space battle, a hard decision. I never felt bored. But the story really is about two people. James Kirk (Chris Pine), born in the trenches of outer space, who lives a wild eyed life that has no guidance. Spock (Zachary Quinto), is a half-Human half-Vulcan training for a future that almost seems to have been determined for him. They quickly meet and clash as they set out to fight a mysterious Romulan Captain named Nero. We find out quickly that this man is from the future. Kudos to Eric Bana for playing the character well, but at times, he just didn't seem all that sinister. I thought he had the feel of a Saturday morning bad guy, than say Khan Noonien Singh (as in The Wrath of Kahn). We also get to see a great supporting cast in people like Captain Christopher Pike (played very well by Bruce Greenwood)  Karl Urban (Bones) John Cho (Sulu), and Simon Pegg (Scotty). The movie had no problems calling back to the original Trek (yes there is a red shirt and some familiar catch phrases) but it's always giving us the adventures of the Starship Enterprise. I highly enjoyed this film, and I'm sure you will too. 5 Stars!

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