Lesser Known Motions at the Southern Baptist Convention

Lesser Known Motions at the Southern Baptist Convention
At this week's Southern Baptist Convention, messengers from across the country heard various motions on the floor from banning Mark Driscoll's books, to boycotting Pepsi. Here are a few that you might have missed.

 1. Motion to Boycott Mr. Pib. 
 It was asked that Mr. Pib be boycotted because after reassignment surgery, He will soon be known as Mrs. Pib.  

2. A study of the GRC: Grilled Chicken Resurgence
If we accept it, do the liberals win? A one year study of how this may be a threat to those in the convention who favor grilled chicken. (Note: this may lead to boycotting KFC next year).
3. Petition to ask Al Mohler to stop twittering.
Because we're sure that twittering is as addictive as alcohol! 
4. A Day of mourning on John Calvin's 500th Birthday.
The man is a menace.
5. Banning all Veggie Tales videos from Lifeway Bookstores.
Talking vegetables are possesed I tell you!!!!! 
6. Move to NOT have the 2010 Convention in Florida.
Aren't we still boycotting Disney?
7. Make the KJV the official translation of the SBC.
If it was good enough for the Apostle Paul, it's good enough for us. 
(Hope you had a laugh. Seriously, if you really thought I'm exaggerating, take a look at this!) (Via TolbertReport)

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  1. I'm not a fan of Veggie Tales either. Nathaniel does though. I just find it pointless and inaccurate. Watching The Toy that Saved Christmas is a tradition for me almost though. Yet so is non-Christian movies. That one is almost good but then they have a silly song about Santa in the middle.
    Traded in a copy of Jonah that i acquired. Hope to cash them in for Watchmen Director's Cut.