Movie Review: Away We Go

With two comedic actors leading the way across America, the laughs never stop in "Away We Go". Burt (John Krasinsky of "The Office) and Verona (Maya Rudolph from SNL) are a couple about to have a child and unsure about what kind of parents they are going to be. Finding out they have no one near them to be a family, they embark across the country to find a place to call home. The movie is filled some great discussions about what it means to grow up and what exactly it is that makes a family, a family. The comedic cameos keep the movie's pace going. From Jim Gaffigan, to Alyson Janey, to Maggie Gyllenhall (who is hillarious!) the oddball characters show us exactly how screwed up the county is. These aren't hippies in Ojai California, or Manhattan socialites, but people in Arizona, middle America and Canada who are really out of whack relationally and emotionally. What makes it work though is the fact that no matter what background (dessert, forest, beach, or city) as soon as Burt and Verona think they've found the place for them, reality kicks and they see again that no matter where you are,  life comes with difficulties. And that's why this movie is such a delight. It's a reminder that it's not about where you are, but who you're with. Go see it, but remember it is Rated R for a reason. Thankfully, this wasn't Knocked Up (and was far better in my estimation).

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