As yo might recall, overheard is basically a round up of ideas, links, pages and such that I want to put up in one section. So here's what I've overheard

1. Gay rights, outreach and discussion
Ever since prop 8 passed on Tuesday many people have been talking. A few have responded in ways I'm not completely in agreement with, but must think about anyway. Like my friend Jonathan has on his page. The guys over at Biblical Thought have their own thoughts as well. If you'd like to be a part of a longer dialogue on this, you can go to my New Reformation Page, and contribute to the forums. (Oh and feel free to join too!)

2. The election. We've voted, and many of us aren't happy with the results. However, I ahve seen my fellow conservative friends lose graciously. And they have offered some great advice. Triablogue has some helpful ideas.. James White has a video tht we should ALL WACTCH. Dare I say that it is prophetic? Here it is.

3. The John 3:16 conference. As a future member of the Southern Baptist Conference, I will be watching this with some interest. Calvinism has begun to grow again in the SBC and while some people react greatly, there are those who have responded to it. I personally believe it's fear and misunderstanding. Here are some peopel who are following the story. Timmy Brister writes a great review of the events. Justin Taylor also has some important things to say. Tim Challies has a friend there live blogging as well. Check it out, it's about 8 posts in all.

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