What's the state of the church? Watch this.....

Take a look at the following clip. It comes from Michael Horton's "Christless Christianity" project. It should speak for itself. But I do have something to add at the end.

If you missed it, Roger Olson (Arminian) Marva Dawn (Paleo-orthodox Lutheran) and Scot Mcknight (Emergent leaning/NPP/Anabaptist) also appear in this video. Normally we stay away from people of other (almost contradictory) traditions, but if even they can see that there is a problem, it shouldn't surprise us that Horton's book is necessary. It should also make us think of what we're going to do about it? What is your church situation like? Is it like what is being presented in this clip? Is it only about how God can make you happy? If it is, what will you do about it? I recommend reading Christless Christianity and giving a copy to your church leadership.

But, I'd like to hear from you as well. What is the problem? What are some solutions?

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  1. I've heard sermons before without the word "Jesus" in them! I can't believe this trend...what happened to Colossians 1:28?