A prayer for California and the rest of our country....

We thank you for the many blessings you have bestowed upon us. For the freedoms, and protection you have extended. But today we see where we are as a country. We seek your guidance. We see the entrance of a new president, and a change in our country's landscape. Somewhere, your church is active. But we wonder if it's going in the right direction. This morning many of our fellow Californians rejoice, while others weep. Give us compassion for them. Give us the mercy and grace to reach out to them, even while we have the task to show them how their behavior has alienated them from you. Help us cry with them, and to love them so much we will give them the gospel and treat them as the neighbors they are. Have mercy on them Lord, by having your Spirit move amongst them, that they may turn to you, and be healed. Raise your church, let it be the first to uphold righteousness and justice in it's sphere of influence, before it seeks to move the government to do so. Forgive us where we have sought a political leader to save us, instead of the Savior. Where we have not been wise towards unbelievers, forgive us and we ask that you give us wisdom in our relationships. Where we have given millions to political causes, while neglecting the needy, forgive us. Where we have been ungracious, while preaching grace, forgive us. May we live in peace with our neighbors, as we share your gospel. May we live in a manner worthy of your name.


  1. "Forgive us where we have sought a political leader to save us, instead of the Savior."

    Amen! not only to this comment but also about us acting hypocritically and not being compassionate enough. THAT is what we should be drilling into people's hearts at this point.

  2. Please be praying for all the people who are angry or bitter about the passing of Prop 8. Alot of people who are already angry at Christians are going to blame the Church for banning Gay Marriage. It is true that the world will hate us because we are the salt of the earth. However, may we continue to pray for and show love to these people. Homosexuals want to be accepted by society, but what they really need to know is that Jesus died for them so that they would be accepted by Our Father, if they would only turn to Him. Pray that eyes would be opened and that hearts would be changed.

    Last night I drove around Long Beach to pray for all the people in the gay bars and was overwhelmed by how many other people I need to be praying for as well. Our country is in a dark time right now. Pray for all the people who are out of work as a result of our current economic state.

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