30 Day Sex Challenge


Lest you think this was found in latest issue of Cosmo (or any issue of Cosmo at that) this comes from Relevant church in Tampa Florida. I saw the Pastor interviewed today and was not surprised. He had the gottee, t-shirt and jeans ensemble most of these hip pastors have these days. While I applaud any efforts at giving a balanced view of sex, I have to say I have some suspicions. In the last year, I and the people at a little leaven have seen a rise of the use of sex by churhes. I'm not a conspiracy theorist here, but rise of this type of stuff is also highly suspect. And that's why I have a bit of a problem with it. If you want to promote biblical views of sex, so be it, but why glamorize it? In an oversexed culture that thrives on the sensational, how are you being salt and light? More so, when many churches are getting into trouble for these kinds of stunts, why take a chance on giving the church or Christ a bad name?


  1. You wouldn't say you reposting that image is a little much?

    Check out Mark Driscoll on the subject. He's pretty hardcore and calls anyone who lusts in any "small way" a pervert. He seems pretty spot on.

    I don't know about that site that you like (a little leaven) but the stuff you post from there seems questionable, no matter the intentions.

  2. Then most of humanity is perverted. I did change it, seeing that it could send someone astray. But I stand by a little leaven. Thay calls it like they sees it. And it's about so much more than the weird stuff like this.

  3. Yes, most of humanity is perverted. It seems like a little leaven is more aptly namea little obsessed.