Oscar winners

By now we all know who won and I'm happy with at least one of the winners. Here is the list of who I thought would win.

Best Movie: No Country for Old Men-I was right

Actor: Daniel Day Lewis-crazy guy! I was right.

Actress:Julie Christie because she's gotten the most buzz. (But Ellen page from Juno or the lovely Kate Blanchett should get it)- I was wrong

Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem (got it friendo?)-But I thought Paul Dano from there will be blood deserved one.

Supporting Actress: Ruby Dee-because of all the buzz. I was wrong.

Director: Coehn Brothers-but I think Paul Thomas Anderson did a great job in There will be Blood-I was right, but still stand by Paul.

Screenplay: Juno deserves it, but it may go to Michael Clayton and Ratatouille deserves it too. I was right! Great for Juno!

Adapted screenplay: Diving Bell and the Butterfly-However Atonement looks good as well. On another note 300 should have been nominated for this one, it would have been the first graphic novel to be in this category. And it was a great adaptation of the original comic. I was wrong, it went to the Coen's.

Best song: "Falling slowly" from ONCE (I really liked it!) I'm glad it won! I might add, it was nice of John Stewart to let Markita Irglova come back on stage to give a speech (Glenn Hansard went first and when he finished the music had cut her off) Her speech was great.

Best animated movie: Ratatouille-deservingly so. However Persepolis looked good.

Best foreign film: Haven't seen the any of the one's nominated. I wish ONCE was nominated. It was great. On another note, why was Diving bell and the butterfly not placed here? Oh well.
On another note, here's the stars of Once performing the winning song: Falling Slowly.

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  1. Hey, Frank. The reason that The Diving Bell and the Butterfly wasn't nominated for best Foreign film is that if a movie is nominated for Best Motion Picture, it is not allowed to run for best picture in another category. It sort of makes sense and it sort of doesn't.

    I also predicted Daniel Day-Lewis would win best actor, but I was distraught that Juno won best original screenplay, and I was very sad that There Will Be Blood didn't win best adapted screenplay. No Country was a fine choice, I thought, for best picture, but I really wanted the Coens to win best director while TWBB should have won best picture. PT Anderson didn't get any respect!