A lesson in leadership (what not to do!)


As we all go to the voting booth today, it is a reminder of the many times I voted and felt like I didn't really make a difference (parent notification in CA). Then again, I remember the many times I voted and somethihng did happen (prop 99 in CA-look it up!). Having said that, I didn't give up on the process. I knew Arnold would win, even though there were better candidates out there. I voted for one of them. He lost, but gained some political capitol. Politics is after all consensus, compromise, and preparation for the next election. Sad to say, but it's true. Having said that, I wish to call on the floor Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, and (sadly) James Dobson.
In the last few days they have gone on the air (or had someone for them) and air out their grievances about the republican party. I am just as frustrated with it as they are-but what are they frustrated about? The fact is, they want someone that's 100% conservative and pro-life. The fact is, that no one is 100% conservative! It has a wider spectrum these days. Having said that, as leaders, they should know better than to go on national television or radio and say who they are against. Reading James Dobson's open letter here and see negativity. It takes more than whining and moaning to make a difference. You have to stand up for something. I don't think Reagan would have whined and moaned on national television about who he didn't like. We have to stand up and say what we do believe in.
It would have been better for them to say who they did believe in and use their national platforms to help them. Last I heard, this is a three man race, they are all pro-life. Lest we think that staying home and not doing anything, we must all the more believe that we can make a difference, and that our vote does (or will) count. We should know enough by now that we will never vote for the person who we really like, but we can work with people who we can at least agree with more than 50% of the time.

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