Godless Oscars? Some thoughts....

This surely was an interesting Oscar show. A few in times past have been interesting. There was the year in the mid 90's when the independent films outnumbered the big studio films. There was the show after 9/11, and the year Titanic won 11 awards, and who could forget when Halle Berry and Denzel Washington both won Best Actor and Actress respectably. Last night set a mark because all the major winners were European. Of course, the Coen Brothers won some major awards as well. But what I think stands out is that not once in the entire telecast, did anyone mention God! Usually, in most awards shows, I can hear more than a few mentions of God. But, none last night to mention. Does this mean that Hollywood is truly godless? Maybe not. If the nominations this year show anything, we saw that Hollywood can show us what the depravity of man can look like. But, no mention of God? I'm wondering if they got some kind of booklet of accepted behavior that said they could back the current administration all they want, but not mention God? But I digress.
There were some great moments in the show. I loved the performances of the music nominations. I've included the performance of "Falling Slowly" (See below). Jon Steward kept the politcal jabs at a minimum, and there were some funny moments (I'm Halle Berry!). But still, no God? Hopefully next year we'll see someone give the Almighty a nod.

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