Blogger Appreciation Day

The good people at Said At Southern, have joined with others in declaring today Blogger Appreciation Day. Well, I want to shoot out a few thanks to people's blogs and why they matter.

1. Alpha and Omega Ministries
AOMIN is the blog where James White blogs at. Great articles and insight accompany the blog. I highly recommend it.

2. Purgatorio

Purgatorio was mentioned as a blog of note, however, it bears mentioning it again. Funny reformed humor. I hope you read his "You might be emergent it..." post. It's classic.

3. Tom-in-the-box-news-network

I've said it before: reformed people have the best humor. Here's a sampling of what you'll find in this fake news service:

Rick Warren joins together for the gospel.
Turbo tithe-so you won't tithe more than you have to.
Don't slay me bro! An article dealing with Benny Hinn slaying a heckler.

The guys at fide-o have the biggest blog roll I've seen. Updated frequently, you'll also get their thoughts on sports, and theolgy. Very good page.

5. Challies
Time Challies is truly the Christian book guru. I pale in comparison to his ongoing book reviews, celebrity interviews and cultural insight. Visit his page now!!!!!!

6. Perez Hilton
WHAT? Indeed, I peruse his page from time to time. I like hearing about the foibles of celebs as much as anyone else. But, in a very weird way this guy is becoming the new Matt Drudge. He's got the pulse on what's going on culturally and has a new record contract and a radio show. Trends, news, and even political and moral ideas come out of his blog. (You have to look really close!). This page is definitely PG-17. But, if you want to see where our culture is (a part of it anyway) go here. If only to know what the false prophets are saying.

Not a blog, but CARM is truly one of my favorite theology pages to visit. If you want a good answer to a theological question, you'll find it here. Go here now!!!!

8. Monergism

Moner-what? Monergism is the idea that God does all the saving. Even the faith I use comes from him. Thus Monergism.com has compiled thousands of theological articles from the reformed perspective showing that God truly is sovereign in salvation and in all of the Christian life. Equipped with a blog as well (reformation theology), visit it and find any subject you want to study and you'll find hundreds of articles on that subject. I go there all the time. You will too.

Saving the best for last.......


The NEW Reformation begins here! Many of you know, I'm friends with these guys. They are wonderful men of God who truly want to inform the Christian world at large about what's going on. I trust them and have had the pleasure of joining these guys in theological conversation, pints of Guinness and clove cigarette's (I love being Reformed!) I know their hearts and have learned a lot as I've dialogued with them and others on the blog. Visit them and read what they have to say. You won't regret it.


  1. Hey brother, saw your post on Monergism and thought I'd check out your blog. Turns out we love the same websites, cool. It's encouraging to see a brother's blog. Bless you in Jesus,

  2. I like your list and your new stain glass emblem. Nice work.

  3. Hey man. Happy birthday.

    I'm really happy that you blog. You're good at it.