My 100th Post!!!!!

Here it is. My 100th post. This was the second time I started a blog. This time I
actually kept it up. I've kept it up so that I could inform, think, and present my ideas to you and hopefully get feedback. I hope to have more book reviews up soon, as well as more articles on the philosophical theological bent. Thanks to all of you who read my blog and comment (how I crave those!) and have been very supporting. A few of those include:


The college group at Faith Community Church. I started this to give you my book and movie reviews. Thanks for your support. I hope to give you more of what I have to offer. I do it with joy in the hopes that I can be a helpful part of your body. I consider you all my friends and peers and great companions of the journey. Special thanks to Meaghan for reading (and for listening, thanks mademoiselle!) and Beck's for commenting. Ok, Glenn too.

Mig Martinez

My oldest friend at the Order. Since childhood, you've proven again and again to be a man of great humor and wisdom. I am a better thinker because of you. It's been a very long road, and I'm glad you've been on it.

Jonathan Chan

For always talking about the great ideas with me. I hope i can preach like you some day. And for being the only other reformed guy (that I know of) at school. And for reminding me that God cares about the less fortunate.

Many thanks to you guys for your great blog, and Stephen Macasil for being an encouraging fellow blogger, and for never being too busy to talk shop or give encouragement. And for making me a better thinker as well.

Dr. Bob

Very Special thanks to Dr. Bob of Faith Community for all he has taught us. I have learned more from him than 4 years at Bible College. The most important things anyway. A truly great man who will leave a lasting legacy.

Josh England

My personal cultural savior. Yes, I'm more culturally savvy because of you. Thanks for being the very first person to get me to blog. If it ever leads to a book, I will have you to thank. I will continue to question, ponder and write because of you. You are the best pal.

I leave you with something I found. It's from Max Maclane's reading of the Valley of Vision.


  1. You're welcome frank

    I'm glad I was you inspiration to reach 100 posts (seeing as I did that two months ago! haha)

  2. Frank, my photographer Heather just informed me that my picture is trademarked and registered, meaning you will receive a fine for unauthorized use without written consent or permission, as well as a bill at the going rate for the use of the venerable image. Just kidding, glad to see that you've stuck to it. Stick to it! O.K., that was cheezy, but I'm just really emotional right now - 100th post and all. I'm so proud (weep weep).

  3. I'm glad I can be a part of it. You should blog about my question. Should those of the new reformation stick to reformed churches or should they begin to try to infiltrate the ranks of their evangelical brothers and sisters.

    Here is my fear. I think there is a danger of shutting the door on dialog within this in house debate. I think the danger that both sides are facing is becoming dogmatic to the point of not listening and not being able to dialog. I believe that Calvinism is more Biblical and I think it is the responsibility to demonstrate this. Anyways I can go on.. you thoughts.. YES I USED DIALOG.. NO I AM NOT EMERGENT!!!!

  4. Yeah for you! Though now, you just have to go on for another 100. quick way to get there? Start posting crock pot recipes!!

  5. Frank, thanks for the meaningful words.