Movie Review: Expelled

Intelligent Design. Mention it among Christians and you may get some good conversation. Talk about it in academia and it might cost you your job. So goes the main thesis of this movie. Ben Stein (the intelligent conservative actor) talks to voices on both sides of the issue. He talks with pro-ID people and pro-evolution people. But he also talks to people who's careers have been lost, damaged etc... because they dared to question (even in a small way) the dogma of Darwinism. Free speech is the name of this game and "Expelled" truly raises some great questions. Very intelligent people are raising questions and are being shut up. Stein also looks a little at the origins of Darwinism (going to Europe in the process) and he looks at the implications (visiting a Holocaust museum in Germany) and leaves you with much to think about. The most interesting thing is that a lot of the pro-darwinian scientists, actually are willing to talk about Aliens, crystals etc... being the origin of life (which NO ONE HAS EXPLAINED YET! No one knows how life started) but no way is the idea of an intelligent Deity even possible.
Great cinematography, good interviews and graphics make this a great documentary worth seeing. I hope it gets a good exposure in the awards circuit.

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