My Birthday

Seeing that I had to cancel my birthday plans, many people came through for me. I want to thank 4 of them.

Joanthan Chan
Sunday night we got to some great sushi. As you can tell, we had a blast.

The Oh my God roll!

Pink Berry Ice cream is great. It truly is post-modern ice cream

We also went to see Expelled. It was great.

My friend Alexia made me great lamb kabob's at her restaurant in La Verne. It's Angel's Place near the University of La Verne. Go there now. She is truly a good friend.

The Order
It was a huge surprise to me when they threw me a party on Monday night. It was great. Thanks Mig and Sarah and especially James and Nathan for making their apartment useful for the event. Much fun guys.

Josh England
The new nifty banner was kindly made by him. If you squint at the right angle, you'll see a pic of me he took years ago. He's talented and a true blue friend.

We'll, it's been fun, and I hope to have up a few book reviews up soon.


  1. How dare you confuse the nastiness that is Pink Berry with ice cream!? It's a different kind of frozen yogurt that actually tastes like yogurt that has been frozen, and not ice cream. Golden Spoon is frozen yogurt that tastes like ice cream and is a more exusable mistake to misname.

    I didn't have to squint.

    I hope you enjoy your baby poweder. You did ask for it the week before!

  2. Good to see some photos of Jonathan!

    "True blue" - thanks. ^_^