James White Debate and mexican dinner!

Wow, after a great debate with a Muslim apologist, many of us went with James White to a nice Mexican restaurant. Much conversation took place as we heard some great stories and got some great advice from Dr. White on apologetics. More so, his debate was amazing. He cleaned the Muslim guys clock and really held his own against him. He actually stayed to the point! The other guy just quoted the King James as his text of choice. He eisegeted scriptures and went off topic. Very sloppy. White nailed him pretty good. He's a really nice guy who cares about what he does. I might add, I loved a really cool ring he was wearing with thte trinity symbol on it. One of the things I was reminded of during the debate was that we really need to learn hermeneutics and hwo to answer people's answers. One of the more revealing things he said tonight, Dr. Wite said the most helpful things he learned to be a better apologist were greek and Church history. There you go. Nites!