So, what DO we call ourselves?

Question Mark
I think it began with Maclaren's New Kind of Christian. I've read some of Tony Jones' book "The New Christians" (and was totally depressed by its bad ideas) and as I wrote the "you might be new reformed" piece, I had to ask myself: what do we call ourselves? Mark Driscoll (get the feeling that I'm a fan?) has the label "resurgent". I like it, but it feels like a necessary response to "emergent". "New Reformed" is out there. "Reformed Progressive" is one by my friend Stephen Macasil of biblicalthought. So which is it? Give me some ideas. I've also thought of "Reformed Baptist" (It is a growing movement that I plan to be a part of) "Missional Reformed" and "Confessing Evangelical". Those are a few. Come on geniuses, give me something good.


  1. Frank read my blog.. Read my entry on Humanism and let me know what you think.. I need your human approval.. HAHA JP!