Flashback Friday's (On Thursday!): 80's Nintendo Edition

Ahhhh Nintendo. I remember spending many hours playing game after mind numbing game on it, and learning all about secret passages, hidden levels, cheats, and just learning to spend hours in front of a T.V. screen. Well, things haven't changed that much. Today, Mario and Luigi are still fighting the forces of evil with the help of Wii. Who knows, I may yet play Mario Brothers with my own kids at this rate. So, I wanted to ask: what were your favorite video games growing up? Here are a few of mine:

Ah Mega Man 2. Play it today, and it is STILL a great game. And seriously, the theme music is just amazing. Funny that that kind of music is popular today. Another reason to thank the Japanese.

Here is a guy beating the original Mario Brothers in less than 5 mins. Blasphemous, I know. This game was supposed to make you work hard all afternoon before you gave up trying to get to Koopa's level (that or get yelled at by your parents because they said you would get a seizure). Either way, this game is still a classic and you can't beat that sound track. Mario Brother's was, for many of us, our first taste of video game action. In a way, it also taught us a thing or two about life: if at first you don't pass the level, try, try again.

Ok, I can't find a good visual of the game, but you played this game for one reason: that song! It's so cool. So Russian. Was this a Russian Game? Seriously, this is what they tortured their kids with? Well, It was a fun game to play when I was a kid, and I occasionally play it on igoogle. This game is addictive.

Before Mortal Combat, before Street fighter, we got our fix of video game violence with Double Dragon. I had DD2 and we made it to the final level ONE TIME! As we were about to fight the final boss and flip this game (as was the vernacular at the time) someone dropped my NES system :( We never got that far in the game again. Oh well. I guess one day when I get a Wii, and download DD2, I'll try and do it again.


  1. Sonic Spinball, Power Rangers, Animaniacs, and pong.

  2. Oh but my favorite was Concentration, hands down.