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If you have the time visit Alan Jabob's page at Culture 11. Culture11 is in itself an interesting blog for young thinkers to visit as well. It was good of them to invite a season English Professor from Wheadon to contribute his thoughts. I dare say he seems to be as well read as Al Mohler (who has an impressive blog himself). Check out his inaugural post. Here's a quote from his first post

Hello, and welcome to a new blog about technologies of reading and research and, well, knowledge. I’m not going to turn this first post into a manifesto, because manifestos tend to be a lot more boring than they’re meant to be, and in any case if you hang around you’ll see what I’m up to. But in brief:

I’m a fifty-year-old professor of English and therefore, as you might suspect, a lifelong reader. Books and magazines have been near the core of my identity since I learned to read at age three. I love the printed word and think that it embodies a set of technologies whose virtues can’t be replaced by other media. But I also have a deep interest in and attachment to the online world; I tend to get pretty excited about what I can do, what I can learn, what I can read, and in general what I can experience online.

Visit his page and tell him I sent you. Oh I should add that he likes books as much as I do, so thats one other reason I endorsed him here.

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