Top 10 "Top 10" Lists for 2008

 Well as the year comes to a close, no doubt many of you have seen many top 10 lists. Well I figured I'd give you my top 10 top 10 lists. that is, 10 lists I found that I just had to share with you. Well, here we go.  
Topless Meeting. Got your attention? According to TIME, this word made the rounds this year. It means a meeting sans laptops, or any other electrical devices.  I particularly liked Nuke the Fridge (Indiana Jones reference) and PUMA.
From Parables of a Prodigal World (why can't emergents have nice short names?) the title alone should make you laugh. And Emergents do knowhow to laugh at themselves. What I found interesting is that the number one article deals with the fact that the word "emergent" should probably be dropped. I like missional myself (and am leaning more in that direction). Some great posts include 50 Reasons you're probably not emergent, a critique of Joel Osteen by Pastor Jared Wilson (after Osteen's wife had an "incident" on a plane).   
From pastor Jared Wilson's Gospel Driven blog, I found this fascinating. He cites 11 things that show something is in the air. Something many of us have sensed. Number one? Young Restles Reformed People (like your pal Fusion!). He also includes better Christian Music (I'll withold judgment on that for now) and the rise of the Pastorpreneurial class (cool word huh?). I like that. Sort of. But I am not as opposed to the professional side of ministry as I once was. I think it serves a purpose. Read this article. It is great. 
From urinals.net Need I say more? Check out the Felix.
5. Top 10 Evangelical News Stories
From Christianity Today, the stories that got us thinking. I was particularly moved when I heard about Iraqi Christians and the persecution they face. Plese continue to pray for them and ask the govenrment to help them. It was also a big year for Tod Bently. Unfortunately, what starteed as a bang, ended as a wiper. He's not seperated from his wife, and left many wondering what happend to the anointing. Sad to say, anointing or not, we're still sinner saved by grace. Yet we still sin.

6. Top 10 Countries By Robot Population Density
From Neatorama, we find out which countries use the most robots. All I can say is, that when the Terminators attack, you better not be in Asia!

7. Top 10 Movie Flops Turned Classic
Some movies age like a fine wine. Other's come out with a bang, but lose their pizzazz after their first viewing. From Scene-Stealers, a list of movies that aged well, despite being flops. On this list are a few surprises including The Wizard of Oz and Citizen Cane. A few that aren't so surprising (but worth watching) are Office Space and Donnie Darko.

8. Stephen Kings 10 Best movies of 2008
Trust the man, he knows his movies. Writing for Entertainment Weekly, Mr. King gives us a look at his favorites from this last year. I like them. Especially with Dark Knight at number 1, followed by Slumdog Millionare and Wall-E, I saw I agree with Mr. King.

9. Best Journalism of 2008
From Culture11 (a blog you should be visiting). A list of this years best journalism. Some of these are quite funny. For example, Best Court Reporting goes to: Dispatches from the R. Kelley trial. I'd put a link, but it is pretty graphic reading, though very funny too.

10. Best Books of 2008
Over at Provocations and Pantings, Timmy Brister gives us a list other people's best book list (I sense a pattern). Here are Tim Challies gives his 8 fave books, including: The Reason for God, Christless Christianity and The ESV Study Bible. I would add Why We're Not Emergent and Christ and Culture revisited by D.A. Carson.

OK, one last one.....

Fusion's Favorite Blogs and Websites

1. New Reformation
 OK, shameless self-promotion, but I have enjoyed working on this page. Go visit, and join in on the discussions, posts, and blogs. Tell a few friends while you're at it.

2. IGoogle
If you don't have Gmail, Docs, or Reader, I pity you. Getting a Gmail account made my internet life much more interesting.

3. Monergism.com
One of the best theology websites I've ever seen. If you're reformed, go visit it.

4. Culture11
A collection of great blogs. Young Reformed people should take a liking to it. I especially like Alan Jacob's blog.

5. Between Two World's
Justin Taylor (editor of the ESVSB) just keeps cranking out great articles, interviews and links. I say visiit it a lot.

6. Twitter
This was the year of Twitter. Go, get an account and find me at twitter.com/frankfusion. Step back, and get addicted. I've been surprised to see some very well known people on there. Al Mohler, Ed Setzer and Mark Driscoll come to mind. Some pretty funny people are on there. Including: Fake John Piper and Fake Charles Spurgeon.

7. Facebook
This was the year of facebook as well. It made it to the list of many countries' top 10 searches for 2008. That's gotta be good.

8. Problogger
Blogging as a career? This is where you go to find out how. Buy this guys' book too.

9. Popurls
Think Drudgereport times a hundred! As my friend Jonathan Chan told me, it's a bit of a snapshot of what's big on the internet right now. Info junkies will thank me.

10. Alltop
Inspired by Popurls, this page is a little more organized, and you can search by topic. Great to see what's hot in church news.

Well, thanks for following along, and feel free to add, comment and

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