Why I like Christians

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In the last week a few influential blogs have posted their reasons for not liking Christians. As someone who has suffered at the hands of Christians, I can feel some of their pain, but I disagree with lots of their reasons. This one just seems unfair. Seriously, Christians hate anyone with money? Are you kidding? I've seen them treat people with lot's o cash better than the guy that's been a regular member for years (which is equally sinful and a violation of what James tells the Church to do). The one about Christians not dreaming big dreams is WAYYYY unfair. He can't
see any ones heart, and really, dreams come in all shapes and sizes. I think this is similar to the whole working mother critique, that a stay at home mom has thrown her life away (or that a working one can't be a good one). Seriously, cheap shot. (I might, add he starts off with a section about Christians being bitter, and seriously this whole post smells of it). To his credit he did own up to the fact that he himself had done those things as well.To be fair the one about Christians being being ok with mediocre music and art is a bit fair. To that all I can say is: come back Rembrandt!

This post however, did strike a few chords with me. It's actually a bit fair. He mentions Christians being lousy tippers, and having a friend who owns a restaurant, it's true. Many Christians do belittle others and then expect them to hear the greatest story ever told. Not cool. Still, at times it does seem a bit unfair.

So, why do I LIKE Christians? OK, defining them as Conservative Christian Evangelicals, or CCE's, (I have a sneaky suspicion the previous posts meant those kinds of Christians and of which I can identity) here we go:

1. We stand up for the unborn.
In a time when a lot is being said about everything under the sun, the unborn have seemed to gone out of style. Guess what? They are still something worth fighting for, and the pro-life movement owes much to CCE's.

2. Traditional Family
I got into it with a gentleman over at Between 2 Worlds over this very issue. He believes Christians should lay off gay people. Agreed, we should target all sinners, no matter what their sin is. No matter, someone asked him what he would do if his son came home one day from school and he told him that it was ok for a kid to have two mommies or two daddies. If the Church is supposed to model life in the Kingdom, then we should applaud those take God's family ordinance seriously. I have a friend right now who's family is not functional. I asked him how it was going back home, and he said it wasn't home. His fellow believers at our Bible college have become his family. I'm PROUD to be a part of that.

3. Music
I'll admit it, I don't really listen to Air1 as much as I used to. I catch it from time to time. Bottom line, Christian music is lacking at times. I will say, that that is changing. But for all the great songs that Coldplay, Dashboard Confessional, and yes my beloved U2 can muster (OK they get a pass with 40), none of their songs are songs are going to be sung on Sunday morning. Better is One Day was written from the CCE camp, as was Amazing Grace and Indescribable.

4. Education
With the founding of Westminster Seminary, Biola, APU, Dallas Seminary, and Southern Baptist Seminary in the last 100 years, it is safe to say we take education seriously.

5. Books
Granted, C.S. Lewis is no longer writing, but Christians bookstores are filled with some good books (although I prefer the theology books). As a matter of fact, you don't see too many Buddhist, Hindu, or Muslim bookstores, but Christian bookstores are everywhere, and granted they may be filled with some bad books, at least they are promoting literacy and education.

6. Theology
Some things are just worth fighting for. Isn't it possible that the reason we take our theology seriously is because we know what sorts of horrible misrepresentations of God occur when we don't? And that is idolatry of the worst kind. As A.W. Tozer put it, "What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us". To strive to think the best and highest of GOd is every Christians duty. I will say, CCE's at times can be overly dogmatic about secondary issues like clothing and hair style's, going to the movies, secular music etc...

7. Comfort
WARNING: this one is a bit hit or miss. But, when I hang out with CCE's I don't have to worry about one of them asking me the overtly weird question about my sex life (like if my gf and I are sleeping together), or get offered a joint (this one is a general rule of thumb, remember: stuff happens!) or have going to a strip club as one of the options for the evenings activities. So take this one with a grain of salt, but really, I've only been made uncomfortable with these kinds of issues by my non-CCE friends.

8. Prayer
OK, a valid critique is that we say we fast and pray and then do whatever we want. But not always. On another note, whenever someone has a big need, asking to pray for them, or in a group, isn't a big deal. If it's with a good group, they offer it first. Asking it with my non-Christian acquaintances to pray when the tire pops is a bit odd. Though most people are open to prayer when it's one-on-one. (They also open up and share a lot about their personal life!)

I could mention a few others but I hope those suffice. Every group has problems, even CCE's! But, God loves even them. I hope we can too.

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  1. Your post sounded really third-person, as if you aren't a Christian, especially the last sentence.