Amusing Ourselves to Death

So, I'm doing research for a ministry I'm working with. THey want me to help them write a book about computers, the gospel and contemporary culture. At least that's where I think they are headed. I'm taking a Schaefferian approach to the whole matter. That is, I began to ask myself: How would Francis Schaeffer deal with the subject matter I've been given. It's begun to produce fruit. Here are some of the books I'm reading, borrowing, buying etc... for my research.

Death in the City by Francis Schaeffer
The Dumbest Generation
Generation Me
Myspace Generation
The Cult of the Amateur
The Closing of the American Mind
The Postmodern Turn
Here Comes the Future
The God Who is There
Technopoly by Neil Postman
Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman (go read this now!)
And many more I'm sure.

Keep my in prayer as I do the research and write this book.

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