Giving out CD's

Instead of gospel tracts. Over at Slice of Laodicea He writes about the ease of giving a cd away to someone with a message on it. Hmmmm I think that's something to ponder. Almost all of us can burn a message onto a cd (come on most of you do it already!) and they're easy to hand out. All you would need is to put a cool label on it or something. What ways do you have to reach the unevangelized? However, it should go without saying that we must strive to spend time with people getting to know them. Two book recommendation comes to mind:


  1. You're just learning about CD's? Way of the Master makes CDs for this very purpose. I never understood tracts.

    "come on most of you do it already"
    Who uses CD's anymore? With laptops, mp3 players, and media phones, they are becoming a thing of the past. Of course, you can't hand out mp3s, but i'm saying for personal use, what's the point?

    It doesn't go without saying. Street evangelism is so popular that it is important to not only say but go into legnth discussing getting to know someone.

  2. And oddly enough, I ahve stacks of cd's with mp3's of messages and other such bru ha ha. So there! I did give some thought as I was writting: what's next? If CD's are on their way out, what ever shall we do?

  3. Yes but you're old. CD's will stick around for certain uses, as VHS and cassettes are fighting to stay alive. Hey, vinals won't leave, afterall.

  4. Im only like 3 or 4 years older than you dork! And I did raise the question: what shall we do? I will say, we could give out tracts with web sites from whence people could download messages. I've seen it done with free mp3 downloads at Starbucks.

  5. That's a big difference! No that wouldn't work. Keep using CD's. Tracks aren't good. People would just toss them since they are only paper. A CD with a website with access to more files, info, and a way to contact somebody, is better. People may go out of their way to download free songs (i usually don't just for one though) but not a sermon or lecture, come on.