Lutherans say: God a Liberal Democrat?

lutheran church
According to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America he is.It would seem he comes off that way. Click HERE to read the article written by FrontPage magazine. However, here are two lines I had to share with you that I hope make you think:

1. Observe that the Lutherans cite government as “an important catalyst in God’s work.” In fact, their agenda implies that government is virtually God’s only instrument. The Lutherans want government to abolish poverty, prohibit war, cleanse the environment, engineer egalitarian justice globally, and seemingly usher in The Millennium through additional regulation and taxation. If government can achieve so much, who needs God, much less the church?

2. But officials of the shrinking ELCA, in their demands to the presidential candidates, imply they have less confidence in the Gospel than they do in the healing, wonder-working powers of Big Government. (emphasis mine)

Indeed, how are we to respond to our Lutheran friends? Read the article, what say you?

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  1. Or, you could read tha ACTUAL letter insead of getting selected bits spoon fed to you twice removed..... http://archive.elca.org/bishop/print/candidatesletter.html