Cool Website: Mygazines

Well, as many of you know I am an info junkie. Too much for my own good really. However, when I find something interesting I do like to share it with you. A very cool (though possibly legally shaky) web-site called mygazines has emerged. Mygazines is a page where you can browse online through todays most recent magazines. Want to read Entertainment Weekly without having to stand in line at the check out counter? Look for it here. The coolest thing is that it has archives of Time magazine. You can browse through old articles. The sad part is that as I searched, I could find no theology or Christian magazines. Well, I'm going to write a strongly worded email to them about it. Pick a magazine, and zoom in to read. I had fun browsing through Mad magazine while I was on. Fun stuff. Enjoy.

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  1. nice find.. just checked it out. if you want theology and christian mags on there why don't you upload some yourself - it's an open upload