Movie review: The Dark Knight

What can I say after seeing the movie except to say WOW! The last time I saw so many twists and turns and shocking scenes in a film M. Night was making good movies. Oh and The Departed was getting Oscar nominations. This movie truly was a crime drama that looks at the heart of a man without conscience or fear. No fear of man or God. But is the Joker really such a man? He would have to be to do the insane amount of things he does in this film. Heat h Ledger truly left a lasting performance and has wiped the cartoony Joker of my youth off the map. But is Batman also a man without fear? This is the struggle with both these men. One has rules...a method to his madness. The other doesn't. He only has madness. The story has plenty of political intrigue and raises the question: how far will you go to do the right thing? To make things "right?" Christian Bale and Heath Ledger did a great job, but so did Gary Oldman and Aaron Eckhart. As Harvey Dent, a man on a mission, Eckhart does a tremendous job. The movie doesn't go where you think it goes, and it certainly misleads with the trailers out there. A great job for Christopher Nolan. A+ go see it now! And it goes without saying that this movie is rated PG-13 for a reason.

Oh and two great trailers were presented. One for Terminator Salvation (due out next year) and the other for a movie I'm waiting for: Watchmen. The trailer was spectacular!!! Here it is. I can't wait.

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  1. The Dark Knight was awesome, but the Watchmen doesn't look like anything special. The story line is so cliche.

    Then again, you liked the Prestige, so it goes without saying not to trust your judgement. :)