The world is outside. It exists independently of us. We must be able to look at it to grasp with it is we must want to do or know. The objective world. Yet, the internal world is subjective and exists dependently on me. The subjective is rather personal. WE need it. We ponder and reflect and come up with different ideas about the world. From differing tastes in ice cream to politics. Yet is it in God that we find a difficulty. Is he really only a personal experience, or someone who lives outside of us who can't be personal. He can only be known, but not, "known". Left to ourselves we could argue forever, but if God has revealed himself, we might get a better clue. In Acts 17, facing a group of thinkers and philosophers, Paul argues his case at Mars Hill. He begins with the idea that God is independent of us! He rules the nations, and mankind. He doesn't need us! Quite the opposite, we need him! In him we live and move and have our being. BUt more so, he has a relationship he wants to establish with us. For the simple reason that he will judge said earth and all it's in habitants. Psalm 2 has som einsight into this: Kiss the son lest he be angry with you! This is where we find our personla experience of God. But we can't set the agenda, he does. And even more so, not all our experiences are the same! We may have the same starting point, but he deals with us in real time and in different ways. As a matter of fact, Jesus was rather the same. We're told he came to us. He took on a human form and used human communication and human thought processes and human culture to interact with us. But it wasn't just human. His message was more than human. It transcends time, and culture, and even time. Such a message, such a person cannot only be personal. But he is. That and more.

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