Prayer Requests

From time to time there are things that I feel the need to ask for you my viewers prayer for.
1. My friend Jonathan (and his big head)
He's on his way back froma month long missions trip in Taiwan. Here's the vid he made.
He has said that coming back might be hard tommorow because of a typhoon. So pray he and his team make it back ok.

2. My health. After my trip I've noticed I will have to get used to sleeping on a bed. My back is somewhat sore from sleeping on a hard wood floor. Also my voice is kind of hoarse from all the interpreting I did this week. I had to raise my voice for the crowds to hear me.

3. Glenn. My pal (link is on the side) is going through a tough time and you can read about it at his blog if you wish.

4. FCC. Many things are being reported. Not sure what to make of it, but I love those guys and thin its one of my favorite churches ever. Pray for the whole pastoral staff and the members.
5. The BOOK! Ok, It is still in limbo, but I think something is salvageable and will be talking about it to my boss.

Praise Reports
On another note I have some praise reports.
1. The trip went well and I made some new friends. I also got some pretty cool perspective on my life and I almost feel like someone (we know who don't we?) hit the reset button.
2. My friend Mig is working on a comic book. Yay!
3. My mom got a car, so now my sister may be able to drive herself around sooner. Yay!
4. I'm alive and doing well.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me here Frank. I believe that prayer is important and always welcome prayers on my behalf!